The Company

WO Trade and Holding Oy is an independent and international firm specialized in energy products and commodity trading. The company is based in Helsinki Finland, founded in 2015.


Our connections guarantee the success of the operation. Our business partners from all around the world are heavily involved in acquiring, supplying, shipping and/or financing the needs of our clients.


Confidentiality and responsibility are our foundational values. Securing confidential information is paramount for us. We strive to ensure the effective, most efficient, and secured communication between the parties for a successful transaction.

Our main goal is to connect the Buyer and Seller, to source or supply goods for a successful transaction, via our vast network of business partners around the globe. Marketing and selling your products is another branch of the business we offer.

It's sometimes hard to find the right supplier for the specific product, we will help you to accoplish this. Our vast network of professional people is ready to work for you.

We will market and promote your products in other words, we sell your products.

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Do you need a reliable and trustworthy partner

With the increasing global demand of products, finding the right buyer or supplier for any product in today’s market could get to be a challenge. We will connect you with trustworthy business partners which only interest is to see your business growing by generating the best and most convenient deal four you, as our client. Contact us for any questions regarding your needs. Our team will assist your company with the trading process.